The Unity Express program seeks to develop, strengthen, and build character, confidence, values and positive self-esteem through guidance, education, athletic training and competition for young individuals.

Our goal is to develop, strengthen and build character.

The kids who join our program all have different goals: some want to run faster, some to get in better shape, some want to be world champions. Whatever their goals are, Unity Express Track Club wants them to succeed. Our program builds self-esteem in young people at a time they need it most.

Unity Express was created to develop, strengthen, and build character, moral/ethical values, and positive self-esteem through guidance athletic training, and competition. We dedicate our time to helping young people achieve their goals while learning to give back to their communities and become productive members of society.

Our Sayings:

#1 Together everyone achieves more.

#2 No pain no gain.

#3 Hard Work, Dedication, commitment.

#4 Excuses don’t get desired results.

#5 The will to win must come from within.

#6 We train like we never won and we compete like we never lost.

#7 We train. We compete. We finish. We win.

#8 Training isn’t fun, but winning is.



Unity Express is a 501c3 non-profit organization.