As you are aware, the current economic crisis has impacted the citizens of our great nation in a variety of ways. The funding for many government programs have been lowered and may programs have been cut. In Central NJ, youth facilities and recreational centers are being closed. This has led to significant numbers of our children being under served. It is imperative for our youth to engage in extracurricular, social and athletic activities. Unity Express Track and Field Club helps adolescents acquire both the educational credentials and cognitive skills needed for life. Roles acquire the interpersonal skills need to form healthy social relationships and refine the emotional and behavioral skills needed to become fully functioning independent adults. In an effort to provide these much needed activities, we have created Unity Express. Many student athletes have expressed interest in our program, but due to economic hardships, they cannot afford to pay the fees that would provide them with the necessary tools to do so. Rather than turn them away, we are looking for partners to help us meet the need of these student athletes. We are hoping that your business will be willing to donate to this terrific cause.

A Very Special Thanks To All Our Sponsors

If you would like to donate via United Way, please access their website: www.unitedway.org.

Our Club and address:
Unity Express Track and Field Club
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Unity Express Track and Field Club is a 501c3 non-profit organization.