2010-2011 - T.E.A.M - Together Everyone Achieves More

Academic Requirements for Unity Express Athletes

All athletes in grades 7-12 will adhere to the academic eligibility requirements under the New Jersey Interscholastic Association Rules and Regulations.

All ninth grade athletes will automatically be eligible in his/her first season in which they are registering. If the athlete does not meet academic requirements entering the next season he/she will need to seek academic counseling from the Academic Coach. The Academic Coach, parent/guardian, sports Coach and athlete will work together to develop a plan of action to ensure that the athlete meets eligibility requirements and be taken off of academic counseling.

All tenth, eleventh and twelfth grade student athletes will be required to achieve 30 credits in that year in order to be eligible for the new track season in which they are registering for.

Athletes in the Primary Grades will be required to maintain good academic standings with Meeting or Exceeding Standards indicative for their perspective grade level. If, the child receives LETTER GRADES, he/she must maintain a C average in all major academic subjects. If he/she falls below a C, the Academic Coach, parent/guardian and child’s sport Coach must meet to discuss a plan of action for the athlete.